About Me

My Name is Nano, and I am a Mastering Engineer

After many years of working as a sound technician and a session drummer I became a mastering engineer out of the need to make music sound better. With a wide open mind to all kinds of styles, I listen to absolutely everything (really), looking for that quality sound. My work motto is I don't care about you, your band or your record label. The only thing I care about is your album. Send me some words and let's do great things together.

The Studio


Simple: Respect the dynamics. In order to fully appreciate the different nuances of your music, they have to be different (duh). Although this sounds obvious, the current trend in music is to overcompress the masters, trading sound quality for sound quantity (volume). It is a question of taste and style. Personally, I prefer to let the music “breathe” (by not overcompressing it) and let the listener find out that the volume knob also works clockwise.

If, on the other hand, you want your album to sound so loud it could break the seams of the Universe, go somewhere else. There are plenty of other studios where they are good at just that, and in the most professional manner, but it's not here.

A Little History

Although I have been working almost exclusively for Estudio Uno (one of the best studios in Spain, probably in Europe), this all started in my living room, which we normally call "salón" in Spanish, hence the name: I try to make your music sound prettier, and I do it from my salón, with all the love and care your reliable beautician would put into making you look drop-dead gorgeous.

I am proud to say all kinds of clients have passed through my beauty salon; from small DIY musicians to signed artists. Everybody is treated with the same respect while I make sure that we achieve the sound they are looking for. Because, besides a mastering engineer, I'm still also a musician and I know how much effort and money it takes to do what you do. So I want you to be proud of your album and then, only then, is my mission achieved.


I use a pair of unbelievably nice vintage Bowers & Wilkins speakers and a vintage Linn pre-amp which combined make everything sound like you are not looking at a tree but the whole forest. I use a Mackie Big Knob to control the volume, a Presonus interface that works marvels and a computer full of state of the art plugins. Working “In The Box” (without hardware) makes things easier and faster, and allows me to charge you less than other studios.

I also have a very nice set of ears, a lot of patience and I will surely speak your language (including Klingon).


  • 57 Grados - Multiplos de Cero
  • 1984 - En Busca de un Futuro
  • AFA - My Invisible Friend Volume 1
  • Alberto Carrión - Poesía en el Pentagrama
  • Anaheim - Inertia
  • Astrobahn - El Mundo se Para
  • El Antiguo - El Antiguo
  • Elías e Ignacio - Se Separan
  • Lineker - Magia Azul
  • Mediyama - Mindfuck
  • Místicos de Cafetería - En el Piso 19: Buscando al Unicornio de Arnold Laine
  • Moongardening - A Field Study (From a Pangolin's Point of View)
  • Nautilia - 0% TAE
  • Persons - Ghettoblaster
  • Rayden - En Alma y Hueso
  • Red Apple - The Wow! Signal
  • Sinkope - Museo de Rejas Limadas
  • Skunk DF - Perseidas
  • Verne - Quartet
  • Virgen - Polsaguera


Send me an email, I am sure we can work something out and do a great album together